One of the principle ways we try to equip youth and college pastors is to provide monthly teachings themes, which allows them to spend more of their time and energy investing in their students and leaders.

Themes include teaching notes, intro video, countdown video, small group discussion guide, t-shirt design and much more. You can look at all of our themes on, which is our downloading portal. Here are two of the themes we have available out of more than two dozen, followed by a detailed list of what each theme includes. To see all of our themes, simply click here.

The Master Teacher’s Guide is designed for use in large-group settings such as Wednesday night gatherings, combined Sunday School classes, summer camps, and other worship gatherings. It contains background information, explanation and application points, opening illustrations and stories, prompts for personal stories, and life-changing Turning Point activities.
The Small Group Leaders Guide is perfect for use in Disciple Now settings, in-home small groups, individual Sunday School classes, and other settings with one leader and 10-15 students. It contains background information, explanation and application points, group activities, discussion questions, and life-changing Turning Point activities. 
The Gathering Tool is designed to provide an opening illustration for groups that meet together in a large group before dividing into small groups or Sunday School classes. This will allow small groups to experience the series video and will add to the overall experience of going through the series.
The animated intro video is designed to set the tone for your theme while providing a unique moment for your Master Teacher or even your Small Group Leaders to step into. Video elements are Quicktime MOV, h.264 codec. The 16×9 video is available in HD (1280×720) and standard definition (created from full 1080p masters).
The Countdown Video is created to the same specifications as the Intro Video. Let people know when you are starting and do it in style. Available in HD and standard definition.
The full-bleed 11×17 poster (11.5”x17.5”) comes in two printer friendly versions (JPG and PDF). Import it into your favorite design application and add your event information in the provided blank space, or go old school and do it by hand.
Screen Slides are available both with artwork (for use as promos or to have on screen during lesson) and as blanks (for use as a background for notes, scripture, worship lyrics, and more). Choose between widescreen (1280×720) and fullscreen (1024×768).
Not for the faint of heart. These letter-sized Do-It-Yourself page headers are perfect for creating you own letters to parents/students, sign-up sheets, flyers, etc. Headers are available as JPGs in both Portrait and Landscape orientation and can be easily imported into your favorite design application or Microsoft Word.
Stand out. Your event isn’t complete until everyone has the shirt. Room 1228 T-shirt artwork is available as an Adobe Illustrator file (or Adobe EPS) and designed with professional printers in mind. Pick your own colors (for both shirt and inks) and style (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, hoodie, etc.). Have your printer add your event specific information. Hint, Hint :The vector format the shirts are designed in means that the art elements on them are ideal to enlarge. You can use these files to create banners, flags, and other resources of any size

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