Leading a discipling movement among teens

A few weeks ago, Dave Rhodes did a webinar on leading a discipling movement among teens. It was a great discussion, but we know that the time didn’t work for everyone. So we’re pleased to offer the webinar as a downloadable MP3. For $4.99, you can download more than an hour of teaching and training on how to unleash a discipleship movement among your junior-high and high-school students. You can purchase the MP3 at the 3DM store.

There are many other downloads available in the store as well, including plenty of free downloads and other webinar MP3s.  So click around and see what other resources the Wayfarer and 3DM team provides.

And watch for details on more webinars coming soon!



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2 responses to “Leading a discipling movement among teens

  1. Kim

    So, when I’ve added to my cart, proceeding to the checkout, all I get is: http://www.weare3dm.com/store/default.aspx, and no possibility to pay and purchase the mp3… What to do?

  2. Robert Neely

    Kim- Someone will contact you directly to help you. thanks for your interest!

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