Headed to Accelerate!

Dave Rhodes and David Reichley are heading today to be with 3DM to help with their Accelerate program. 

Take a look at this crew! Dave and I have really enjoyed getting to know all of them since we have been in Pawleys.  It’s been an honor to join in with them on the global movement they are creating here in the states.  

So what is Accelerate?  Glad you asked.

It’s  – “Investing in the next generation of leaders!”

3DM describes their accelerate program:

We have all seen it happen: A young leader with an inordinate amount of talent and vision who can never seem to get past the lack of interior depth and character flaws. In many ways, this is the “new normal.” Particularly for young leaders, the wrestle between the “doing” of the Kingdom work in the exterior world and the attending to of the interior world leads to burnout, frustration and major character gaps.

3D Accelerate is a year long process (with an option for an additional year) that engages with leaders, 21-29 years old, who want to see massive breakthrough in the areas they lead, but do so with the integrity, balance and character that Jesus shows us his interior life required. 

Every six months we gather a global team of young leaders for a retreat hosted by the 3DM team. Throughout the retreat the young leaders receive mentoring to help set goals and form a personal development plan. 

This mentoring will continue on a monthly basis throughout the year, equipping them for significant positions of leadership and service in the church and community much earlier in life. If you have young leaders in your church who you want to see grow in spiritual depth, character and leadership ability, 3D Accelerate is what you are looking for.

For more info on Accelerate or 3DM Click here.


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