3DM Learning Communities

Getting ready for another full Day of Learning Communities with 3DM…

David Reichley and Dave Rhodes are in Pawleys Island this week having the opportunity to be a part of what 3DM is doing in their learning communities.  It’s really inspiring to see their team at work.  Check out 3DM here for more information on what they do.  You can also follow Mike Breen’s Blog here as well.  We are constantly recommending them and their team to everyone we come in contact with.

One thing that Mike has developed through the years is a strategic plan for Huddling or Discipling people.  So what is a Huddle? Glad you asked!

A Huddle is a group of current or future Christian leaders (usually 6-8 people) where the leader is the active discipler of the members and a discipleship culture is created using a simple, agreed upon discipling language. The Huddle leader invites people into a discipling relationship where grace and investment are given, but they regularly challenge people to live into a life consistent with being a disciple of Jesus. This means that Huddles are not therapeutic in nature; rather, they help people discern what God is asking them to do and then respond.

For more in depth info about Huddles and their history and the movement they play in the discipleship culture click here.  It’s a great resource for everyone.


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