Reflections from Catalyst (1 of 2)

Wayfarer LOVED being at Catalyst.  It’s just a great opportunity to run into so many people we know and have come to love.  We wanted to let some of our staff give some personal reflections from their time. 

Robert Neely
The thing I love about Catalyst is getting to hear speakers that I would never hear otherwise. I’m far from a frequenter of the business section of the bookstore, but I learned quite a bit from Daniel Pink and Seth Godin’s talks. And it’s always encouraging to hear inspiring and disturbing talks from guys like Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel and Francis Chan.
Besides what happened on stage, Catalyst is also a great time to connect with partners we work with year after year and to meet people whom Wayfarer has touched in some way. I had a great discussion with a youth minister from Pennsylvania who had used The Domino Effect and was excited to meet Wayfarer in person.
We also had a guy who had used Room 1228 materials to design a Redefining Normal T-shirt.  Those are connections that are impossible to make except in Suite 7 at Catalyst, and they’re reasons I look forward to going every year.  Here he is below…he stopped by the suite because he saw our “Room 1228” sign.  He showed us his redefining normal shirt!!  He was just the t-shirt producer for a church, but loved the design so much he made himself a shirt!!!
Courtney Reichley –
I loved being there and connecting/reconnecting with friends, new and old.  Seeing the impact Wayfarer has through other ministries is amazing, and showed me the humility and graciousness that Wayfarer has continually had.
I was truly blessed by the music this year, more authentic than any other I think.  As well, as Francis Chan’s challenge to take a risk and go, as well as Craig Groeschel’s message of honor. 
In a nutshell, the God of Love, really ministered to my soul in a way of confirmation of following His lead, and conviction to do it with excellence and integrity that blesses others in ministry as well.
Did you go to Catalyst?  We would love to hear about some of your reflections!


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2 responses to “Reflections from Catalyst (1 of 2)

  1. It was great to meet you guys. I love the materials and the easy of use in terms of artwork. I knew you were going to put my pic on here.


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