Summer travel – Propel by Impact 360

The training week continues for David Reichley, Dave Rhodes, Chris Brooks, and Robert Neely as they head to Pine Mountain, Georgia today to spend the day training the staff for Propel. Propel is a curriculum track that our friends at Impact 360 created to train high-school-aged leaders at select Student Life camps this summer. We’re excited that we got a chance to consult on the first year of curriculum for Propel this year, and we’re excited to get to hang out with the Propel staffers to help to make sure they’re ready to be trailblazers for the program this summer.

Plus, Dawn Sherill stayed behind to spend some more time with WinShape Camp for Girls. They’re trailblazing a new kind of spiritual experience at camp this year as well, and so the Wayfarer team wants to do whatever we can to equip them to succeed this summer.

It’s exciting for us to see so many of the curriculum projects we worked on this spring coming to life during this training week. We can’t wait to see what God will do through WinShape Camps (all of them!) and through the Propel track this summer.


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