A meeting/reunion

After a snow day yesterday (any flakes shut things down here in the upstate), Wayfarer returned to full-on business again today, and we had a treat in store — a meeting with our great friend Jose Alfaro from Brookwood Church as well as Dennis Agree. Jose works with Dennis, who lives in the African nation of Liberia, on mission projects, and we’re looking for ways that Engage can partner with Jose to provide people for a variety of future trips. But Dennis isn’t just an international contact; he’s also a friend of Dawn’s, Chad’s, and Dave’s from Beeson Divinity School. 

Dawn Sherill has been working to set up this meeting; here’s her description of how all this came together:

Through Jose, we have reconnected with Dennis Agree, who is a fellow alum from Beeson Divinity School (Chad, Chris, Dave, and Dawn all went to Beeson). Dennis is from Liberia, and after graduating from Beeson, went back to Liberia and has been ministering there in his home country ever since. Dennis is the contact and ministry partner for Jose and Brookwood Church’s mission initiatives in Liberia. While starting to dream with Jose about how we could partner Engage with some of their mission opportunities, we realized that he was working with an old friend of some of us here at Wayfarer. I guess it really is a small world!  We’re looking forward to catching up with Dennis and his ministry, and continuing to dream with Jose about how Engage could partner with some of their great mission work.


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