Batters Up… and it’s a Triple

This weekend kicks off our Spring Speaking Schdedule for our guys that travel. In the next few months leading into May, Wayfarer will partner with 21 different organizations or Churches to be a part of a weekend event.

Batter up… CHAD NORRIS – Redefining Normal

Chad is heading to Lancaster, KY this weekend to be with a group From Lancaster Baptist Church. This church is using one of our 1228 resources this weekend Redefining Normal. It’s always a bonus when our guys get to partner with worship leaders that they love to work with. This weekend Aaron Keyes will also be leading worship for this event.

Batter Up – CHRIS BROOKS – Recalled

Chris is in flight this morning to Waco, TX to be with Highland Baptist Church. They are also using one or our 1228 Themes… Recalled.


Dave is currently on road making his way south to Valdosta, GA to be with a group of churches headed up by Northside Baptist Church for a Disciple Now weekend. Dave like Chad will be with a Worship Leader that Wayfarer Knows and loves… Chris Orr.


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One response to “Batters Up… and it’s a Triple

  1. Mike Gay

    Really enjoyed your messages this weekend at Lancaster Baptist Chruck in Kentucky!!! You gave me knowledge of the Bible that I had not had previous to your visit. We will be praying for you on your journey to help others think about what they are reading in the Bible.

    I finally learned what it means for us to be followers of Christ here on earth and not just when we get to Heaven!!! While fire insurance is nice…it does miss the point.

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