Redefining Normal at CrossRoads – Tuesday wrapup

We closed the Redefining Normal series at CrossRoads Tuesday by experiencing the things we have talked about throughout the series. First, Chad Norris reminded us that starting new isn’t enough; we also have to clean out the old. Chris Brooks led us to the communion table, the place where what we want and what God wants truly connect. And Dave Rhodes invited us to be people who redefine normal in the new year by bringing sweetness to the lives of others.

We’ve truly enjoyed Redefining Normal with everyone at CrossRoads. We want to thank the entire staff for allowing us to put on this series, and we’d like to thank everyone who has participated. It’s been another great experience.

And lastly, we’d like to invite those of you who have been reading the blog during the series to keep checking in with us throughout the year. On the blog, we’ll be talking about all that God is doing here, plus giving glimpses of life at Wayfarer. It’s a lot of fun, so we hope you’ll continue stopping by.


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One response to “Redefining Normal at CrossRoads – Tuesday wrapup

  1. Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to say thanks. I wanted more than anything to sit and collide with God during that past series, but it seemed as though every night I got pulled away to work on something. Then it hit me. How blessed am I to be frustrated and dissapointed when I can’t be in a place to hear a message that makes me wrestle with His word. How blessed am I to want that struggle more than anything.

    You guys have a way of delivering a message that touches people in unimaginable ways. That forces us to wrestle with our hearts and start breaking down walls. That make me crave not only to see and hear a message, but to strengthen my walk with the Lord. You guys are changing the world.

    God bless everything that you do to glorify Him. You inspired me to pick up my oxgoad and swing like fire. If you need another voice for your cause, use me.

    So if you ever wonder if what you guys do makes a difference, these are some things I thought you should know. I mean it with all of my heart.

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