Redefining Normal at CrossRoads – Sunday night preview

In the first session of Redefining Normal, we listened in as Jesus asked two blind men a shocking question: “What do you want?” As Chris Brooks took us deeper into this story of two beggars asking the Son of David not to pass them by (Matthew 20), we discovered that Jesus asks us the same question. Do we have the same attitude as these beggars? Are we crying out, “Son of David, don’t pass me by!” We’d love to hear about your encounter with these questions – just leave a comment below.

Tonight, we continue the process of Redefining Normal by flipping the tables. As Jesus asks what we want, we soon come to the point where we must ask what God wants. The answer, we’ll discover tonight, can be disturbing and challenging. But as we seek to Redefine Normal in our lives, we can’t settle for easy answers – we must be honest as we ask God what He wants from us.

Join us tonight at 6 at CrossRoads for Part 2 of Redefining Normal. And don’t forget that the series continues Monday and Tuesday nights at 6 as well. Keep checking the blog for the latest on the series, and keep commenting to share about what you’re learning.


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