Monday meeting and audio link

This week at Wayfarer started with a board meeting. Our board comes together every month to give Wayfarer guidance on what’s going on here and to help us come up with financial and strategic plans for what God’s doing here. Our board does great work, and we’re so thankful for the commitment of its members. Bob Caldwell Jr. has been on Wayfarer’s board since our inception in 2000. Richard Burgess served as our treasurer for several years before joining the board, and he now serves as chairman. And Ben Daniel has served on the board for a couple of years. We’re so thankful for their commitment to Wayfarer and for all the ways they’ve helped us over the years.

One other update – Dave Rhodes spoke at CrossRoads Community Church Sunday. Our speakers go to CrossRoads several times a year to contribute to the teaching team there. You can check out many of their messages from CrossRoads on the church’s website.  Just click on “audio” once you enter the website. Dave’s Sunday message isn’t up yet but should be later this week. Meanwhile, you can check out past messages from Dave, Chad Norris, and Chris Brooks.


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