December is for celebrating Birthdays?

Birthdays?  Really?  Aren’t we supposed to be celebrating Christmas?  Not around the Wayfarer neck of the woods.  Although December brings much joy in celebrating the Birth of Jesus we also have some births of some very special ladies here at Wayfarer as well.

Audrey  Brooks –


This month Audrey Turned 31.  Chris gave her a weekend “getaway” to head back to the Ham to visit friends.  It’s always a great gift as a mom to have a break in the normal routine.  Happy Birthday Audrey. 

Emma Rhodes –



Next is Emma Rhodes.  Emma turned 6 this month.  She celebrated by taking all of her friends to Monkey Joes for some great fun.  Even some of the adults tried being a kid again! 

Amelia Reichley –



Millie, the lone princess in the Reichley household turned 2 this month.  Millie kept telling everyone that she was six. 🙂  Her family threw a great party for her.  “A good Tiara should never make anyone look fat.”  And notice the 6 candles done in sets of 2 of course!


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