Wayfarer Camp at Anderson University weekly update

It’s been another big week of promotion for the first-ever Wayfarer Camp at Anderson University, which is going to take place June 19-22, 2009. Here’s a look at the promotions we’ve done this week:

*A short article about Wayfarer Camp appeared in last week’s Baptist Courier, which goes to Baptist churches and church attenders throughout the state of South Carolina. Our friends at Anderson University made the connections to make that article happen. 
*Chad Norris was invited to introduce Wayfarer Camp to more than 50 churches at a meeting Monday sponsored by Renovation Center. We were invited by our friend Jason Malone and Summit Church of Greenville.
*Chad met with our partner Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church about telling a gathering of youth groups about Wayfarer Camp. The gathering is in February at First Baptist North Spartanburg; we’ll give you more details on that as it gets closer.
*Our friends at Greenville Connect have listed Wayfarer Camp on their event calendar and let their ministry contacts know about it.
*Chad and Dawn Sherill shared info about Wayfarer Camp with Youth Workers Journal. We’re hoping for an article to appear in that publication soon.

The word about Wayfarer Camp at Anderson University is spreading! If you want to know more about camp, visit www.wayfarercamp.com. And if you know of a church that might be interested in Wayfarer Camp, let us know and we’ll send them an invite. Thanks for praying for Wayfarer Camp and helping us let people know about this exciting new endeavor.


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