Thursday Family Times

Written by Kim Rhodes…

Last week some friends of ours from Student Life World (the guys do some camps for them in the summer) were in Haiti.  They were there with fiming  with Compassion International in many of their projects.  Next summer they will dedicate one of their camp locations in Orange Beach, Alabama to focus fully on Haiti. This location will host 10 events and allow them to speak of the needs of children there in Haiti to an audience of 15,000+.  Dave and I are so excited about that.  Dave will actually be speaking at one of their camps that will feature Haiti.

So while in Haiti our friend Roger was able to stop by and see our Son Frankie.  We have just begun the 2 year wait to bring him home.  It’s been amazing that some of our friends have been able to already have contact with Frankie’s life.  Here are some pics of his time with him.  Dave and I can’t wait to get down there ourselves sometime in the next year!

Here is Roger with Frankie.  We sent this quilt down to him.


I’m not sure he knew what to think of Roger. 🙂



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