Engage review – On the verge of giving out

Monday at Engage, we all came to the verge of giving out. And in these moments marked by fatigue, stress, and overwhelming obstacles, one key word came into focus — help.

In a moment when no else else expected help, Daniel sought it from God, and God came through. Dave took us to Daniel 2 so that we could examine this story and discover that sometimes we can do more by doing less. As we stop trying to stack up chairs so that we measure up to someone’s impossible standard, we discover that God is active in stepping into our lives so that we don’t have to burn out or give out.

As always, we’d love to hear how God is stepping in to help you in those moments when you’re on the verge of giving out. And if you need to listen to the message again (or share it with a friend), you can listen online or via podcast.


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  1. Myila Young

    WOW! As I drove home from Engage I begin to process the message and ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate those areas of my life where I’d acted as an agnostic…like He was too far removed to be involved. By the time I made it home I had to get out my laptop and journal about the revelation I was recieving. I think I’m gonna have to start my own blog to explain it all but my final question to myself by the end was “Do I really what God to get ALL the Glory?”….once again PRIDE showing forth its fruit in my life.

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