Engage review – On the verge of maturity

We completed the first half of the On the Verge series Monday by going on the verge of maturity together. Chris Brooks took us into a strange parable Jesus told about a dishonest servant (Luke 16) and showed us in that story that we need to own it when it comes to our journey into maturity. Brooks led us to imagine what it will be like to be in front of Jesus saying that we have pursued greatness, that we have made decisions as best we can, and that we have owned our decisions and our journey until it is finished. 

We began with a reflection exercise that led us through the journey we’ve been on thus far in the series:

Come close tonight and listen to the story…
A story that starts with the potential of what’s in your hand…
A story that advances with each big decision you finally make…
A story that doesn’t stop there…
Tonight, we come close to the story of a lifetime…
A story of perseverance…
A story of consistency…
A story of maturity…
You are part of this story…
You are free and made alive …
You are on the verge

Don’t forget that you can listen to Brooks’ talk (stream/downloadpodcast) for more details. Brooks is also planning to vlog some thoughts later this week, so check back here on the blog. Engage is off next week, and On the Verge will continue Nov. 3. Until then, let us know where God is pushing you on the verge of greatness, of decision, and of maturity by leaving a comment on this post.


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  1. rn575

    We had a great story come in through EngageGod.org. You can read it here:

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