Engage review – On the verge of a big decision

Last night at Engage, we discovered the pain of the word almost, and we came to the verge of decision in our lives as we discovered that sometimes indecision is the worst decision. Many of us wrote down our decisions in response, knowing that once we wrote these things down, we would be accountable for them. We no longer can act as though almost is alright. So we all took out our No. 2 pencils – the kind without erasers, because we have chosen not to go back on these decisions – and wrote our decisions down on a library card, one complete with today’s date.

Dave Rhodes led us to the verge of decision through the story of Rehoboam in 2 Chronicles 10. We’ll post his full message later today (stream/download; podcast) if you missed it or if you want to check it out again. We asked Rhodes to share some thoughts, and they’re in this post.

We’d love to hear your decision and the ways you plan to act out that decision this week. And we’d also love for you to read the decisions that other people made so that you know that you’re not alone. So leave a comment below with your decision, and be encouraged that you are one of many who came to the verge of a big decision Monday night at Engage.



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2 responses to “Engage review – On the verge of a big decision

  1. Nate

    Hey Guys,
    So, I went to engage last night and asked the Lord to speak to me in a mighty way. Truth is, I did not really expect him to do it. But he did!
    Heres the thing. I already new before last night that I was on the verge; that I needed to decide once and for all wheather I was in or out the plans God had for me. You see, I have been battling My head vs. my heart for over ten years in one area. My head knows and longs for the right thing, While my heart is so addicted to the wrong thing that I can never seem to move. I have been sitting on the fence for far to long and Last night I made the decision that I will no longer vaver between the two but that I will get up and walk tword the Lord and pursue a life that is set apart.

    Now here is the kicker guys. I am scared. No, terrified is more like it. You see, because this has been such a long struggle, I have many times said that I would change my heart and get off the fence, only to go back to the same situation again later down the road. Listen, I DON’T WANT TO DO THE SAME THING AGAIN! ALMOST CAN NOT BE ENOUGH!!

    So, I need your prayers, engage community. Pray that the Lord will change my heart and that I will continue the labor of running after him, and not give up when it gets hard.
    There that is all.
    I really do ask you to pray for me.
    Thanks Guys.
    and Thanks Dave for bringing the Heat last night!

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