The Happenings of a Wayfarer Wife

Family Update:  The Happenings of a Wayfarer Wife.

Last year around this time, in the year of our Lord, 2007, Audrey Brooks wife of Chris Brooks and Courtney Reichley Wife of David Reichley celebrated being on this wonderful earth for 30 blissful years! They had done many great things:

Rescued two men out of the pit of despair

Gave birth to wonderful children

Raised them to be mannerly citizens (sort of)

Maintained a somewhat stylish life in the process

But one thing seemed out of their grasp. The title of Triathlete. Chris, Audrey’s husband began completing them early that year, and it seemed as though this would be the way to celebrate their lives. So they were introduced to the Ramblin’ Rose. A group of women who are all out there for one reason. To kick butt and be proud of themselves, wherever they are in life. After completing this daunting task, both women decided that they had to share the elation, joy and sense of legend that they felt.

So now a group is forming…women all over are beginning to get themselves ready…ready for the dawn of a new era. The day is October 5th…the place Huntersville Aquatic Center in Charlotte, NC…the reason…to be a Ramblin’ Rose.

This Sunday Courtney and Audrey will return to the Ramblin’ Rose along with 14 other woman that they have recruited to have a day to celebrate achieving personal goals.  Way to go girls.  Have a fun weekend and go get em!


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