Family Times – The Rhodes Family

Dave, Kim Emma and Izzie last Fall.

Meet Frankie Rhodes.  The newest member of the Rhodes Family.

Hopefully from here on out, once a week we’ll be able to start sharing about some things going on with our families here at Wayfarer.  So for today we wanted to update you on the Rhodes family and a new adventure that they are on.  Dave and his wife Kim, along with their 2 children Emma (5) and Izzie (2) are in the process of adding to their family.  They are adopting a little boy named Frankie who is 18 months old from Maranatha Orphanage in Haiti.  They are just about ready to send off their dossier. 

Kim saw Frankie on a recent trip to Haiti this past May.  It’s going to be a long process for the Rhodes family.  Right now the adoption process in Haiti is taking about 24 months.  So it’s going to be a while before Frankie will get to join the family.  So when you hear of Haiti in the news or see another family in the adoption process.. think of the Rhodes and the journey that they are on.  To keep up with their journey you can visit afamilyforfrankie. 


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