Engage is On the Verge this fall

Today the Engage creative team – which includes Dave Rhodes, Chad Norris, Chris Brooks, David Reichley, Blake Berg, Robert Neely, Dawn Sherill and David Walker – got together to start the process of programming the first meetings of the Engage fall season, which begins on Monday, October 6 at the Handlebar. This is always a fun process as we get a first look at where our speakers are going with their messages, think and pray about what God wants to happen in the room, and then begin to design programs that will allow people to engage God holistically each night and throughout the series.

We can’t give you a lot of details on the individual nights of Engage yet – you’ll get updates here on the blog each week before Engage – but we did want to give you a sneak peek at the series for the fall. It’s called On the Verge. Why are we doing this series? Here’s why:

Is it an indefinable place where the present and the future collide?

Or …

Is it the point just before the point of no return?

Is it the moment you realize that what you do next matters most?

Or …

Is it the culmination of collected experiences that caution you to avoid pain at all cost?

Did you choose it?

Or …

Did it choose you?

Regardless of where it is, what it looks like, or when it happens, we have all been there. In fact, some of us are there right now – on the verge. Come join us as we stand on our tiptoes and boldly speak into the chasm of what is and what could be.

Plan to join us starting in October for On the Verge at Engage, and watch the blog for more updates.


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