Congratulations Burg

One of the things that Wayfarer does best is play golf. Thankfully, it’s not the only thing we do well, as you’ve seen in previous posts. But we do have plenty of good golfers here. Chad Norris, Dave Rhodes, and David Reichley are all really good players, but maybe the best golfer around here is our chairman of the board, Richard Burgess. The results show how well our guys really play. Our guys are a threat in any best-ball tournament that they play in, and David Reichley and Richard Burgess won the Carolina Country Club Better Ball Invitation earlier this summer.

Well, Richard Burgess has been playing well all summer in statewide tournaments. He finished in the top 16 in the South Carolina Amateur Match Play tournament and made the cut at the South Carolina Amateur. But Burg (as we affectionately call him) outdid himself last week when he qualified for the United States Mid-Amateur tournament, which will take place in September in Milwaukee. (This tournament is a big deal – the winner of it gets into the Masters the following year.) Only 6 of the 140-plus golfers in this particular region qualified, and Burg was the last of the six to make it in. He made two ridiculously long putts (60 feet and 40 feet) to finish with a 71 and make the playoff, and then he was the second and last person of the nine playoff participants to play his way in.

We’re proud of Burg and this great accomplishment and hope he plays great up in Milwaukee. It’s fun for all of us to have such a great golfer (and an even better person) as the chairman of our board of directors.



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3 responses to “Congratulations Burg

  1. Burg

    Thanks Wayfarer! I appreciate all your praise as it once again confirms, I am the best golfer at Wayfarer… Seriously though, I love being involved with Wayfarer and have been since day 1. I truly see Wayfarer changing the world one camp, one book, and one person at a time.

  2. creichley

    Yea Burg! I am so glad to see that David’s lessons have paid off with you! Now I am not so angry when he tells me he needs to take you out and play a round. So proud of you, and honored to call you friend.

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