Summer Camp Review – Chris Brooks

Camp Season ’08 is officially in the can. As I reflect, it’s easy to wince when I think about camp food and poor accommodations. It is humorous to laugh about certain dramas, awkward conversations, and different expectations of what camp should consist of. But most of all, there is a stirring in my heart and flash of faces that make reflecting on camp a profoundly gratifying experience. The faces of students who are actually wrestling with God and their place in his kingdom. The faces of students who clued in for the first time; the faces of the bitter, angry, and hurt who were presented a different God then the one they grew up with. The faces of leaders and volunteers who not only believe that the local church is the hope of the world but who also live it out by taking unpaid vacations to youth camp. The faces of church ministers of gospel of Jesus Christ who at the end of the day are making a seismic impact in the lives of youth and the kingdom of God. But last faces I see are my wife, my daughter, and my son — my family who makes the biggest sacrifice to allow me to travel, who help me discover what rhythm works best during the summer months, and whose love and support reminds my great calling here on earth will always be first and foremost as husband/father.


So it is back to redefining normal here at Wayfarer. Just a shout out to the stationary team here in Sparkle City: It’s easy for me to take all the credit for what happens on the road during the summer, but there are six other people here at Wayfarer who spend their days making sure that students get the best prepared, informed, and creative speaker for their camp experience. SO thank you all, Wayfarer home team, for making what I do possible and for using your gifts so that I might fully embrace mine. I am a better communicator because of our team effort, and I share and celebrate every decision, encounter, collision, and sloppy joe from this summer with you.


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