What August means

August is the beginning of a new season here at Wayfarer. Our speakers are back home, and now we’re beginning to turn our attention to our fall season and the start of our new ministry year. That means lots of things — Engage planning, writing project meetings, budgeting, and much more.

August also means curriculum sales. Because so many churches start up new curriculum for children, students, and adults in September, we get a lot of calls this time of year about our curriculum offerings. Already this week, we’ve sent orders to 5 different churches.

If you’re looking for curriculum, check out what’s available at www.wayfarer.tv/resources. You can find all of our products there and see samples of all of them. You can also order online, but if you’re making a bulk order (anything more than 10 books) you can save some money by calling our office at 864.587.4985. We’ll talk you through what resource is the best fit for you and give you the best deal we can.

Check out our many resources this fall!


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