1 more day to vote for Blake

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday July 25) is the last day to vote for one of Blake’s designs in the iStock photo design of the year contest. You have to be an iStock member to vote, but it’s free to sign up. (We wouldn’t be opposed to you signing up so that you can vote for Blake, just for the record.)

Here are the details of the contest again:

Vote for Blake!

Wayfarer is extremely proud to have Blake Berg on staff as our artist. He does a great job creating videos — you can see for yourself in The Domino Effect or by watching some of his samples – and also in print pieces. He’s created unique looks for many of our speaking themes as well as for other promotional materials.

Well, we’re not the only ones who have noticed that Blake’s work is awfully good. Last year, two of Blake’s poster designs were chosen as Designs of the Week by www.istockphoto.com. One of these posters is for the Vice Versa speaking theme, and the other was the promotional poster for the fall 2007 season of Engage. Take a look:

Vice Versa speaking theme poster

Engage fall 07 promo poster

Now, Blake’s 2 designs are among 40 or so in the running for istockphoto’s Design of the Year, called the Punctum Awards. Voting takes place this month to narrow the field to 10 finalists, and then one of the finalists will be chosen as the ultimate winner.

If you’re an istockphoto member, take a look at Blake’s 2 designs. (If you’re not a member, you can register for free. If you do any design, it’s a cost-effective way to get art.) And if you like Blake’s designs, please vote for them. We’d love to see Blake get the props he deserves for his amazing work from the design community.


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