Where in the U.S. is Everybody?

Dawn – Dawn is still in IN with her family and James.  James is continuing to do better.  He is still in ICU and everything that the family was told could be a major problem has not become one… thanks for all your prayers.

Robert– Is in Greenville today visiting one of our partners that we write for.  I’ll have to have him give you the update when he returns tomorrow.

Chad– Is finishing his SL kids camp at Texas A and M this morning and will be flying home.  He’s had a great week.  Catch up on his week here.  He’ll then have a few hours at home before heading out again on Thursday morning back again to TX to be with Hallmark Baptist Church.  They are expecting 12 churches and 600 students in attendance.

Chris – Started camp yesterday in Arkansas at Shepherds of the Ozark with East Bayou Baptist Church.  This is the 3rd time that Chris has had an opportunity to minister with this group. 

Dave– Is at Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Toccoa, GA with Student Life.  They have 1000 students from 35 different churches there this week.  You can hear Dave live the next three nights by clicking this link.  They will broadcast at 6 CSTl, 7 EST.

Reichley – Is heading back from Pittsburg, PA today after the holiday weekend with family.  Pray for safe travels for them today.

Blake, Wendy, and Kim – Trying to keep our heads on straight as we plug away with all the stuff we are working on this summer.  It’s always a lonely place around here when everyone is gone but we definitely get a lot of work done!


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