Visiting C3

One of Wayfarer’s big goals this summer was to visit 2 of the camps that we wrote curriculum for, and today the first visit happened. Robert and Blake loaded up to go to Bogart, Georgia, for the day to visit a day of WinShape Camps C3.

WinShape Camps C3 logo

We’re going to C3 to get a taste of what camp is like — not just in the curriculum and video elements that we designed, but also in their track times and just the basic feel of camp. By doing this, we’re hoping that we can better design curriculum that fits the needs and the personality of C3.

C3 is doing 27 weeks of camp this year, with 3 teams of camp staff touring the country. As an added bonus, Robert and Blake are visiting team 2, which Robert’s youngest brother Chase is a part of. It should be a great day of catching up and seeing what God is doing through C3.

We had a chance to hang out with the C3 staff during their training week at the end of May, and it’s an impressive group. We’re excited to see how the vision that Gabe Norris and Ken Thomas had is being implemented by this team. They have a great picture of what it means to do camp well, and we’re excited to be a part of the first full year of C3.

FYI, C3 is a partnership of the WinShape foundation and Connect Ministries. Both groups do a lot of other great stuff too that you check out by clicking on the links.


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