It’s not all speaking around here!

Meet Robert!


He’s our Concepts and Editorial Designer.  And if you had any idea what kind of work he does around in in an average day…. well let’s just say, he puts us all to shame.  Here are his thoughts on what is happening in his world this summer.


This summer is going to be a lot different than my previous five at Wayfarer. In the past, I spent the bulk of June, July, and August working on a curriculum project for Dash Student Leadership. By the end of those three months, our team was wrapping up the project that annually totaled more than 700 pages of text. But because of changes with Dash, that project is no longer on our calendar.

            So this summer will have changes, but they should be exciting. I’ve started the summer focusing on a curriculum project for the North American Mission Board’s Connect evangelism initiative for students. We’ll submit that on July 1, and churches will start using it in the fall. In addition, we’re working on a couple of proposals, one for the sequel to The Domino Effect DVD curriculum, and another that we can’t quite mention yet. We’re hoping to have both of those proposals accepted this summer so that we can start working on them full-force once our speaking team gets off the road in August.

            In addition, we’re going to get to visit two camps that we wrote curriculum for. We’ll take a day trip down to Athens, Georgia, later this month to visit one of the WinShape Camps C3 sites. (They’ll do almost 30 total weeks of camp in different places.) And we’ll hang out with one of the teams for NAMB’s PowerPlant teams in the first week of July when they come to the upstate. We’re excited about the chance to experience these camps so that we can design curriculum that fits with their DNA even better in future years.

            So while summer will be different, it will still be full as we seek to write materials that will enable lots of people to collide with God in a life-changing way. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

 – rn



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