Catch up Daily and Listen Live at Student Life Camps

This summer all three of our guys are partnering with Student Life.  Student Life is an amazing organization who are one of the leading experts in doing camp well.  On their Website you can find out what is happening at camp, get daily updates on their corporate times together and also join them for Live broadcasts of the evening services. 

You can hear Dave LIVE for the next three nights starting at 7Central, 8Eastern Time.  Just Click here for the link and follow the directions.

Also, when we can and have the information we can give you a rundown of the camps so that you can get a glimpse into how God is Using Wayfarer this summer.  Here is Dave last night and the message he shared with a group of 50 churches and 1400 people.


As the lights dimmed, and the auditorium hushed a video was played challenging the students to rid their minds of anything that is distracting them. Then Matt Papa and his Band came and led the students in worship singing “One Way” and “You Can Do Anything”.

As the band left the stage a spotlight was placed on Matt sitting in a lawn chair. To his right was a big sign with many different paths pointing in all different directions. As the skit develops Shara kept traveling down different paths, then coming back and picking another one. Matt was to scared that he would make the wrong decision so he just stayed in his chair, developing theories. Ashley was searching for the right path to take. As she talked more to Matt she started eliminating the signs, eventually all the signs were gone revealing a new one- the way. As the actors peered down the road they saw a dark, long, hard path, and encouraged Ashley not to take it. Despite their urging the skit ended with Ashley walking down that path. This is symbolic of the Way that the students will be learning about this week.

Then the band re-entered the stage and taught the students “We Will Shine” based of Matthew 5:16. Matt prayed confessing that if they don’t seek the Lord in their worship it is all meaningless. He asked the Lord to hear more than a song, that He would hear their souls crying out to Him. Matt and his band continued singing “How Great Thou Art” and “How He Loves”. As the band sang the chorus of “How He Loves” Matt asked the students to lift out their hand to receive from God.

Dave Rhodes then came up and asked the students to place their hands over their heart. He prayed for the Lord to break through the students and let them be consumed with His love. 

He started out talking about everything comes with a warning label except for the things that really need a warning label. Christianity should come with a warning label that says talking about the way and walking in the way is not the same thing. It is not as much about information as it is about transformation. There are a lot of people that know a lot about the person of God but look nothing like Him. And sometimes our walking even turns into rituals.

God is an incredibly personal Character. Most of the Old Testament is a story of God chasing after a people that turn to everything but Him. Their heads are constantly on a swivel. But this road that Israel kept taking of choosing your own way always lead to destruction. Thankfully, in the midst of this destruction God is pursing His people.

In Jeremiah 4 God wants His people to turn and run to Him with more passion than they have been running after their lovers. He wants to be the one and only thing that we desire. He wants not just out behavior but our beings. Unfortunately, there are very few chapters in the Bible where Israel is actually seeking after God. That isn’t our norm either, we are constantly chasing after others.

God tells His people that f you are going to choose my way, then really return to me. This happens first of all by breaking that unplowed ground. Those places that we haven’t let God touch- He wants. This is so contrary of everything we are taught in our lives. No one wants to be made breakable, but this is what must happen.

Secondly we have to circumcise our heart. God wants us to become vulnerable again, to expose our doubts and questions. Dave brought out an orange as an example that for that orange to be useful it had to be peeled back. The peeling of an orange doesn’t always happen the same way it is hard sometimes, and the peeling doesn’t always come off easily. God wants our core, and it isn’t always a pretty process. But He loves who we are at our core, with nothing else covering us.

In vs. 4 it says that His wrath will burn out like fire. This isn’t the first turn or burn lesson. God looks at His people and says that He loves them at His core, but if they will not be consumed by Him that His Righteousness and wrath will come forth. We were created for love and for blessing but He is righteous, His wrath is real.

To be a Christian is to ask God to consume your heart, to start a controlled burn in our hearts. So that when His justice and righteousness and wrath get there, nothing is left to consume.

Dave spoke over the students that God is coming on the first night of camp for their hearts. He reminded them that God will not force Himself upon them, but He is asking for vulnerability.

Then they were given a chance to contemplate as the worship band sung, “Where is the Difference”. That was an amazing song asking what is missing in Christians lives? Dave told the students that he was going to open up the front and sides for them to get things right with Christ. As students reflected all across the room Papa sang “Give Us Clean Hands”, a song about rejecting all the things we have been running after and asking to be a generation in pursuit of Him.  Applause swept over the audience as they declared  “Our God Reigns”. They closed singing “Here Am I, Send Me,” proclaiming that they are ready to be used however the Lord wants.

As the students left Matt and his band sang “He Is Jealous” to symbolize that the Lord is chasing after them.

Don’t forget to come back and join us in worshiping tomorrow night at 7 CST. Just click on the listen in live link to the right of this page and you can hear the service.


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