Thoughts From Chad Norris who is starting camp today


Chad caught an early morning flight today in route to San Antonio, TX.  He’ll be partnering this week with Greater Houston Camp Association and will be spending the week at Alto Frio Baptist Encampment.  They are anticipating 18 churches and 800 students this week at camp. 

Here are Chad’s thoughts about starting his camp schedule today:

My son Sam loves baseball.  He just finished his first year of competitive “Coach’s Pitch.”  I loved every second of it.  I could not get enough of it!  The other night he was playing in his last game and all I could think was, “I can’t believe I am getting ready to start camp and be away from my family for a couple of months.”  Don’t get me wrong, I love camp.  Camp has been a part of my life since 1993 but it is getting more and more difficult to leave my family.  My daughter Ruthie is only two and probably has no idea what in the world her daddy does in the summer.  Sammy however is a different story.  He called me the other night and said, “Daddy, I want you to come home.”  That is tough to hear.  Wendy (My Wife) is a trooper.  She knows what God has called our family to and she supports me 100 percent in my travel.  As a matter of fact, I never hear her complain one bit about me being on the road.  That does not mean that it is easy though.  Thankfully, they will join me some this summer and that is worth a million bucks.  


The summer is about three things for me.  Spending a ton of time in the word, hanging out with students and eating.  The eating part has me nervous since I am probably the only speaker in the world that gains 200 pounds in the summer.  Every where I am I hear, “Hey dude, let’s go get something to eat.”  So with that said, I have a plan.  I am carrying the banner of Weight Watchers this summer.  I’ve pretty much tried every program out there to battle the bulge and I am really excited about this one.  We have had some controversy in the office about the “Point System.”  Rhodes says that I can have 54 points a day but it is highly argued that he is wrong.  My brother in law says I get 23 points a day.  To be honest with you, I am going to use the “Sliding Scale” program.  It would get me kicked out of most Weight Watchers programs but a man has to do what a man has to do.  I’ll try to keep it in the 30’s this summer so I don’t come back looking like a swollen tic.  When I pass a Sonic I usually get this incredible urge to drink 78 ounces of a fresh fruit strawberry slush.  It does not help that it is so hot so early.  Speaking of heat…


Heat.  I don’t ever remember it being this hot this early.  I’m starting my camp season off in the hottest place on earth.  The Houston area.  Oh well, I might as well get used to it.  Hot. 

 – Norris


 Please Pray for Chad and His family this summer.  Here is his summer schedule:

Chad Norris : Speaking Schedule

  Event Date Location


Student Life Kids Camp June 6-9 Texas
Greater Houston Assoc. Youth Camp June 9-13 Leakey, TX
Thee Camp June 15-19 Springfield, MO
Brainerd Baptist Church Youth Camp June 29-July 4 Cleveland, TN
Student Life Kids Camp July 5-8 College Station, TX
Hallmark Baptist Church July 10-14

Fort Worth, TX

Student Life Youth Camp July 14-18

Lookout Mountain, GA

Student Life Kids Camp July 18-21 Talladega, AL
Marantha Bible Kids Camp July 28-August 1  
Crossroads Baptist Church Back to School Event August 13 Greer, SC
Young Life Southern Gwinnett August 29-September 1 Snellville, GA



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