Thoughts From Chris on Starting Camp Today


This will be year 12 for me participating in the time honored tradition called “packing for camp.”  The magical and mysterious process of immersing yourself in camp world for June and and July seems to have become a part of my DNA.  When I was single this came so natural for my semi nomadic lifestyle. After I got married, their was a slight adjustment, but both Audrey and I had known little else as single adults. Now that we have two little bambinos, there are some major adjustments. Even though we are sans dog this summer, I am grateful for the challenges and privileges of getting my family to come along to some camps with me. Much props to FBC Hotlanta for extending the invitation for my family to come and of course to my in laws who always feed us well on the way to camp and usually take on kid off our hands for us. This week we will take Addie Gail, aka tad pole, and leave Simon, aka scooter in Cairo with Audrey’s Family. It is 8:15 am and in 12 short hours I will walk into a room of complete strangers and try and convince them that God has something to say to them and that they can trust it. I still get butterflies.


 – Long trips and life change – summer is here again and for me the kingdom of God is at hand in a dynamic and pronounced.

 – Chris




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