Summer Kick Off – It’s a House Boat Camp – May 31-June 7, 2008

Ever heard of such a thing?  Fellowship Bible Church in Atlanta is doing just that.  Wayfarer has been privielged to partner with this church since 2005.  We’ve done many events for them and Chad and Chris have both been brought in to speak to their group in the past.  Chad first experienced the Houseboat camp back in 2006 and said ” this is one of the most unique experiences…boats” 

This Summer they are having Dan Rhodes come spend a week on the boats with them.  We recommend Dan and other speakers for events when all of our guys are booked.  Just so happened that this summer none of our regular guys were available for the dates that Fellowship needed so they decided to have Dan come in.  We know they will have a great time with Dan.

We’ve been praying for their week of camp and are expecting God to do amazing things.  So join us as Wayfarer officially kicks off the summer with our first week of camp.  Dan will be with them May 31-June 7, 2008.


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